Emporio Stone® Quartz Surfaces

Emporio Stone® quartz surface is made of up to 93% of quartz powder and particles, added to resin, pigments and other high-quality components. The production is developed with the last technologies and undergoes strict processes, which provide resistance and guaranteed quality for 15 years.

The wide color collection of Emporio Stone® allows the creation of inspiring projects, with durability and personality.


  • 15 anos de Garantia
    15-year warranty
  • Grande Variedade de Cores
    Great variety of colors
  • Resistente à Absorção de Líquidos
    to liquid absorption
  • Fácil Manutenção
    Easy maintenance
  • Higiênico
  • Estabilidade Dimensional
    Dimensional stability
  • Livre de Substâncias Tóxicas
    Free of toxic substances

and Thicknesses

Dimensions and Thicknesses

Special Dimentions: 3000mm x 1400mm, 3200mm x 1800mm

O que é Emporio Stone®?