Emporio Stone® guarantees the owner of the installed quartz surface against manufacturing defects for a period of FIFTEEN (15) YEARS from the purchase date. Please keep the purchase invoice from the authorized distributor of the brand.

Emporio Stone® reserves the right to not offer the service of repair or replacement of the product in case the requirements of this letter are not met, or if the information provided by the client is false, illegible or incomplete.

What the warranty covers

The warranty obligates Emporio Stone® to repair or replace the surface that presents defect, under the terms and conditions of this letter in a period of FIFTEEN (15) YEARS.

This warranty is exclusive for quartz surfaces that: have “EMPORIO STONE® QUARTZ” printed on the back of the slab; are installed indoor on countertops or walls; have purchase invoice; strictly follow all recommendations of Emporio Stone® Care Guide which can be found at www.emporiostone.com.br

What the warranty does not cover

Quartz surface inappropriately installedor mishandled by third parties, such as: faulty cut or finish, inappropriate support, impact on the surface, thermal shock, flaws on the surface due to glue, as well as the use of inappropriate glues and chemical substances.

Surface installed outdoors or indoor areas that have sun exposure. This improper use causes yellowing and/or color loss.

Difference of tone or pattern between the slab, samples and photos from Emporio Stone® catalogs or website.

Surface damaged by natural disasters, fires or house accidents.

Surface that may need to be replaced due to structural problems, such as hydraulic, electrical and masonry.

Cracks in the surface after installation as well as chipping, since both do not indicate manufacturing defect. The cause of these is generally due to impact, scraping, heat excess and weight excess on the material.

Surface that was removed from its original installation place and reinstalled.

Surface that was re-polished, repaired or had its thickness changed by third parties without Emporio Stone® authorization in writing.

Does not cover freight, cut and installation of the replacement surface.

Does not cover a surface that was not paid in full.

How to activate your warranty

If your Emporio Stone® quartz surface presents defect and you wish to make a claim under the terms of this warranty, contact us by e-mail and report the problem, supplying photos and videos of the defect and the purchase invoice.

Emporio Stone® or its authorized agents should have access to the installed material for inspections in order to continue with the necessary actions.

Once the manufacturing defect is identified, Emporio Stone® will proceed with repairing or replacing the quartz surface slab with one of the same characteristics (color and dimensions). In case the color is out of stock in the country or is discontinued, it will be replaced by the most similar color available.