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Emporio Stone® | Superfícies de Quartzo

Emporio Stone® Quartz Surface

The high-tech Emporio Stone® quartz surfaces are cutting-edge products composed of a blend of up to 92% natural quartz powder and grains added to resin and pigments. They come in a wide range

Of colors and patterns, tailored for different styles of architecture and interior design. The versatile material is ideal for kitchen countertops as well as indoor paneling.

O que é Emporio Stone®?

Built to last

All certified Emporio Stone® slabs carry an Emporio Stone Quartz printing on the backside, which guarantees a 15-year warranty, enabled by the extreme hardness of the quartz mineral produced with the most current technologies.

See the terms of the Warranty Letter






Multiple Colors, Infinite Possibilities

Through the aesthetics and durability of our lines, we seek to inspire the world of architecture and design with new ways to shape new spaces.
Discover the various patterns of grains, colors and veins in the wide Emporio Stone collection. Combine surfaces with other textures and surprise yourself with the infinite possibilities.


  • Grande Variedades de Cores
    Wide Variety of Colors
  • Resistente à Absorção de Líquidos
    Resistant to Liquid Absorption
  • Fácil Manutenção
    Easy Maintenance
  • Higiênico
  • Estabilidade Dimensional
    Dimensional Stability
  • Livre de Substâncias Tóxicas
    Free of Toxic Substances


  • Dimensions

    3200mm x 1600mm

  • Thickness


  • Polished

  • Suede

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